Tour Budget

This page is supposed to offer you a hard concept of the price of man or woman journey in Japan through introducing some pattern budgets. Note that accommodation prices can boom during peak seasons in popular destinations which is not reflected by using the numbers underneath. View additionally our pages about price range journey, package tours and recommended itineraries to see the pattern budgets carried out to unique itineraries.

Sample day by day budgets

The numbers beneath do not include the price for transportation and heightened accommodation charges for the duration of top seasons. Click right here for the modern-day yen trade charges.


Single Traveler

Two Travelers

Low Budget

3,500 – 7,800 yen

7,000 – 15,600 yen

Medium Budget

8,800 – 18,500 yen

13,six hundred – 28,000 yen

High Budget

over 18,500 yen

over 28,000 yen


Below are traditional charges for lodging outdoor the height seasons. Rates can boom considerably for the duration of the height seasons! Check our accommodation page for more information on special lodging kinds and corresponding rate ranges.

Low budget:

2,000 – five,000 yen in keeping with night time and man or woman

Dormitories and hostels, determined in maximum cities and areas of Japan, generally charge below 3500 yen according to night time and man or woman. Furthermore, reserving services like Hostelworld provide awesome offers.

Medium budget:

6,000 – 12,000 yen in line with single room and night

eight,000 – 15,000 yen consistent with double room and night

At this level, you will locate rooms in business resorts, minshuku and inexpensive, no-frills ryokan. Some tour packages (for person travelers) encompass lodging at quality Western fashion hotels at this fee degree.

High budget:

over 12,000 yen in keeping with single room and night time

over 15,000 yen according to double room and night

Starting round 12,000 yen in line with man or woman, you may get rooms in better enterprise inns and inexpensive Western style motels. A stay at a ryokan withfood blanketed usually prices between 12,000 and 30,000 yen according to person and night time. For a room in a four or five famous person Western fashion resort, you usually pay from 20,000 to 50,000 yen per room and night time.


Low finances:

500 yen per day

At this level, you may ought to live from comfort keep meals (bread, rice balls, and so on.) and rapid meals restaurants like McDonald’s or Mister Donut which offer cheaper breakfasts.

Medium budget:

500 – 1000 yen in keeping with day

Many coffee shops and some eating places in shopping regions and round teach stations provide breakfast sets for round 500 to a thousand yen.

High budget:

above one thousand yen in line with day

Hotel breakfasts and breakfast buffets will normally cost you extra than a thousand yen. Breakfast buffets in pleasant lodges generally cost 3000 yen or extra.


Low price range:

500 – 800 yen in keeping with day

Inexpensive lunch boxes are available in comfort stores and stands in railway stations and commercial enterprise districts. Various fast food restaurants, specializing in noodles, curry, domburi or hamburger, also offer especially filling meals for 800 yen or less.

Medium budget:

800 – 1500 yen consistent with day

At this degree you may have a good larger variety of cheaper eating places together with the above mentioned rapid meals locations, plus eating places which offer lunch set specials for round a thousand yen.

High price range:

above 1500 yen in keeping with day

A lunch at better eating places prices generally between 1500 and 3000 yen.


Low budget:

500 – one thousand yen in line with day

Convenience stores sell various, cheaper ready-to-eat meals. Other options are again reasonably-priced rapid meals eating places.

Medium price range:

a thousand – 2500 yen in line with day

Conventional eating places are typically more highly-priced within the nighttime than at some point of lunch time, as there aren’t any lunch specials. At this level, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice dinner at a wide range of fast food and traditional restaurants, consisting of the eating places discovered in branch shops wherein meals generally price between one thousand and 2500 yen, no longer together with alcoholic drinks.

High price range:

above 2500 yen according to day

With 3000 yen consistent with character you’ll be able to have a good dinner at a wide range of restaurants. Calculate 5000 yen upwards per person for a dinner at upper elegance eating places that specialize in sushi, French cuisine, sukiyaki, kaiseki ryori, steaks, and many others.


Low price range:

0 – 500 yen in line with day

Japan gives many free points of interest. Most shrines and a few temples do not rate admission expenses. A few museums charge no admission on at some point of the week or month.

Medium budget:

500 – 1500 yen consistent with day

Admission to famous temples prices among three hundred and one thousand yen (around three hundred yen in Kamakura and around 500 yen in Kyoto and Nara). Most museums and castles price about three hundred-one thousand yen in line with man or woman.

High finances:

above 1500 yen according to day

Some museums and points of interest (generally splendid ones or traveler traps) fee among one thousand and 3000 yen in line with man or woman. Admission to big topic parks generally fee around 5000-9000 yen in line with day.


Low budget:

Highway buses, the Japan Bus Pass and the Seishun 18 Kippu (simplest available for the duration of sure instances of the 12 months) are the various most inexpensive approaches of travelling in Japan.

All budgets:

Travelers of all budgets should don’t forget buying a Japan Rail Pass or a local rail skip. The cost for a 7-day Japan Rail Pass, as an example, roughly corresponds to the cost of a unmarried go back ride from Tokyo to Kyoto via shinkansen. Two and three week passes are even extra cost-effective. Over lengthy distances, domestic flights can be as cost effective as a rail bypass, in case you take benefit of the various discount gives.

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